The growing skills gap is one of the biggest challenges to the future of the global economy. And higher education is at the heart of it. 

Learning is transitioning to a 21st century curriculum focused on communication, collaboration, critical reasoning and creative problem solving.

In the on-demand webcast, we explore:

  • Career preparation & exploration skills – integrating soft skills into general curriculum and providing learning opportunities outside of the classroom. 
  • Career pathway skills – identifying subject expertise skills as well as core competencies for any given career path. 
  • Talent development skills – classifying skill-sets critical to hiring decisions, making job requirements more transparent, and creating organizational learning that supports current and future skill-sets.Save your seat to join us in bridging the skills gap! 

Featured speaker

Laurie Burruss, Education Innovation Advisor
Laurie Burruss
Education Innovation Advisor, LinkedIn Learning Solutions

Laurie is a professor emeritus at Pasadena City College and a consultant in education at from LinkedIn, where she’s advocated for academic initiatives, supported teaching and learning, and provided integration and implementation solutions since 2009.





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