Advances in neuroscience and cognitive sciences now offer new clues as well as reinforce what we know from experience about how we learn. Whether learning is informal or formal, understanding the active nature of how people learn is a key competency for academic institutions.

Self-awareness of how we learn as individuals and in teams becomes the springboard for change and innovative growth within organizations.

Together, we’ll explore:

  • Nine learning strategies that work both pedagogically and practically
  • How to use data to learn how learners learn
  • Current methods for integrating and implementing learning strategies
  • The learning principles of engagement, connection, interaction, attention, memory and reflection

Featured speaker

Laurie Burruss, Education Innovation Advisor
Laurie Burruss
Education Innovation Advisor, LinkedIn Learning Solutions

Laurie is a professor emeritus at Pasadena City College and a consultant in education at from LinkedIn, where she’s advocated for academic initiatives, supported teaching and learning, and provided integration and implementation solutions since 2009.





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