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A whopping 85% of college students own smartphones,1 according to research. This affects how they communicate, conduct research, and spend their time. With this in mind, more and more educators are discovering that engaging students on their mobile devices can dramatically boost learning outcomes.

"It may be hard for some of us to imagine reading a research paper, creating a video or publishing an ePortfolio from a cell phone or a tablet, but that's exactly what our students are doing.”— Chris Mattia, educator and instructional designer

In this on-demand webcast, Lynda.com instructors and higher education experts explore the effective use of mobile devices as learning platforms.

Find out how to:

  • Overcome distractions of cell phone use in class 
  • Incorporate the latest research and trends in mobile learning
  • Adopt mobile devices for content creation and delivery by watching demos

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1Educause June 2015: Students' Mobile Learning Practices in Higher Education: A Multi-Year Study

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Featured speakers

Aaron Quigley
Content Manager for Education and Instructional Design, LinkedIn Learning
Kevin Kelly
Lead Consultant in Higher Education and Technology, Kevin Kelly Consulting
Chris Mattia
Educator, Media Producer, and Instructional Designer, Callinectes Training
Oliver Schinkten
Staff Author for Education & eLearning, LinkedIn Learning