Person at their computer taking a coding course.
Person on their laptop taking a coding course.

Stay innovative by helping tech professionals build skills.

Tech professionals are in high demand, but with a global talent shortage, it’s hard for companies to find the right people with the right skills. LinkedIn data shows that those who cultivate hard and soft skills advance 13% faster in their roles than those who don't. Through continuous learning, your employees can become empowered technology leaders who can advance your business, helping you drive retention and stay agile.

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Helping tech professionals build the skills that matter. 

LinkedIn Learning can help professionals stay up-to-date, and your company stay ahead of what’s next. Explore a range of available features and advanced tech content like hands-on practice and ways your teams can prepare for certifications and prove their skills.

Illustration of a coding course.

Apply learning with hands-on coding.

Code Challenges, powered by CoderPad, help learners get hands-on practice through interactive exercises with real-time feedback alongside their LinkedIn Learning coursework. Check out 35+ new courses in 6 of today’s most popular programming languages, plus 150+ GitHub Codespaces courses already available.

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Level-up with advanced tech content.

Discover new partnerships with trusted providers, learning paths, and courses covering today’s most in-demand topics like AI, cybersecurity, data science, and more. Our latest releases include:

  • New courses with partners like Google Cloud, Cybrary, and GitHub
  • 150+ new advanced tech courses in multiple languages
  • 95+ new AI courses and 4 new generative AI Learning paths, including Building Generative AI Skills for Developers
  • New curated content in AI, cybersecurity, and software development

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Person at their home computer taking a course with a child in the background.
Person taking a course with certificates on their wall.

Showcase your tech skills.

Help employees learn, practice, and easily assess their tech skills on one platform with Certification Prep content, new practice exams, and Professional Certificates included with your LinkedIn Learning license. Our latest releases include:

  • 45+ new standalone practice exams to prepare learners for certifications from leading providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, CompTIA and ISC2
  • 60 new Certification Prep courses to help learners work toward certifications from Microsoft, Google, AWS, CompTIA, and more
  • 9 new partners offering 16 Professional Certificates 

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Person using AI to find content suggestions.
Icon with tech symbols like a cloud and video.
LinkedIn data shows a 65% increase in learning hours for the top 100 AI and generative AI courses from 2022 to 2023. Explore our 10 most popular AI courses for 2023 and learn to adapt to this rapidly changing era of work.
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More updates to drive learner engagement

Person completing daily coursework on their phone.

Make learning an everyday habit.

Introducing Daily, a mobile-first experience in the LinkedIn Learning mobile app featuring short videos with key takeaways, knowledge-check questions, and “streaks” that motivate learners to learn a little bit each day effortlessly. 

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Discover new credential content from trusted industry providers.

In addition to this quarter’s new tech partners, we’re excited to announce Professional Certificate and Certification Prep partnerships centered around in-demand skills like marketing, recruiting, and more. 

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Person looking at a graph on the wall.
Person looking at a graph on the wall.