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Interested in learning more about how Code Challenges can support your team?

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Tech professionals at any stage can accelerate their skill building with LinkedIn Learning cutting edge technical training content, hands-on practice, and tools to validate skills progress


  • Personalized recommendations for the latest courses across the most in-demand tech skills.

  • Tech-specific role guides and 600+ learning paths across language libraries.

  • Content developed by subject matter experts (SMEs) and taught by the world’s leading tech expert instructors and thought leaders.


  • LinkedIn Learning’s Code Challenges cover 6 of the most popular programming languages so your team can upskill, whether advanced or beginner as the dev landscape quickly changes.   

  • Virtual sandbox coding environments allow learners to get guided hands-on practice using GitHub Codespaces. Courses with skill introductions, intermediate practice, and advanced exercises make it easy to upskill at any level in a safe environment. 

  • Downloadable follow-along source code (exercise files and GitHub Repos) to easily follow along with instructor, practice, and experiment on your local machine.


  • Certification Prep and CEUs content for the most recognized certifications.

  • Professional Certificates to showcase your team's skill proficiency.

  • Skill Evaluation help personalize learning content based on proficiency level to guide learners to relevant content.

  • Quizzes and exams built into courses to help learners track their progress towards their skills goals.

Build and uplevel your teams with advanced tech skill courses with the latest training on the most cutting-edge technology

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