Top features:

  • Bring all of your organization’s learning resources together in one place

  • Customize the learner experience by promoting your own content on the learner page

  • Drive learning and career outcomes by understanding skills insights

Top features:

  • Comprehensive, high-quality content with over 20,000 courses from industry experts

  • A supportive interactive community that connects learners with peers and instructors

  • Dashboards to understand your employees’ learning progress



LinkedIn Learning

21+ users


LinkedIn Learning for Teams

2 - 20 users

Unlimited library access 


Provide 20,000+ comprehensive, high-quality LinkedIn Learning courses created by industry experts



Personalized content 


Surface AI-driven content recommendations based on learning activity and broader LinkedIn insights



How and when you want 


Learn on your time with bite-sized videos or in-depth content, audio only, or offline viewing



Community-based learning


Connect learners with people they can learn from and build new skills with



Basic reporting on learners

Understand your learners’ learning activity, engagement, and most popular courses



Skill-driven outcomes 


Identify skills your learners are building and skills your company needs



Upload custom content


Customize learning paths and collections with content from content partners, learning management systems, or your organization



Customized learner experience


Customize the learner homepage with campaigns to guide learners towards most important content