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  • Upskill your organization with curated content that uses LinkedIn skills data to deliver the most in-demand business, tech, and creative skills across 11 languages

  • Promote deeper learning with hands-on-experience through sandbox environments and flexible formats like Nano Tips

  • Tailor learning to your organization’s needs with custom content, collections, and learning paths

  • Empower learners to explore and navigate career paths based on skills, roles, and career goal setting, all powered by LinkedIn data
  • Customize career development to your organizational goals through role guides, internal job postings, and learner homepage customization
  • Evaluate skill development through skills insights and robust reporting
  • Prove skill proficiency with professional certificates and skill evaluations 


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  • Engage learners within the platforms and tools they use every day through integrations with and Microsoft Teams
  • Make learning easy for your admins and seamless for your learners with LXP and LMS integrations
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Our skill-building platform is helping many types of organizations