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The #1 priority for L&D professionals is to align learning programs to business goals.

Our #1 priority is to help you reach your goals.

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Guide people to the skills that matter for career growth and business impact.

The #1 reason people learn is to advance their careers.

We help you align individual ambition with your organizational mission.

  • Provide career guidance at scale based on LinkedIn's knowledge of 1 billion careers
  • Next Role Explorer helps employees identify their next potential career move based on their current role, your company, and LinkedIn's knowledge of careers
  • Role Guides and Learning Plans provide information about the roles employees are interested in and the skills they need to learn to grow into that role, all customizable to your organization
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Develop critical skills with learning experiences as dynamic as the world we live in.

By 2030, at least 65% of the skills the workforce has today will need to be replaced or updated

We help you build the right skills at the speed of business with the latest learning experiences.

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  • Content on the most in-demand skills of tomorrow based on the 500M+ skills LinkedIn Members add to profile each year
  • Interactive formats employees expect like hands-on tech practice, immersive bite-sized videos, and AI-powered coaching with real-time advice
  • Courses taught by experts with access to 21,000+ courses in 24 languages, plus the ability to upload and curate your own content and learning paths

AI-Content Spotlight

Jumpstart AI upskilling across your organization

Get the new framework to level up your organization's AI-skills across roles and levels of proficiency. We've got you covered from introductory AI knowledge to the deep techical skills engineers need to build and deploy company-specific AI-systems. 

Check out the framework 

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Connect skills to where they're needed in your company to drive impact.

87% of L&D pros say they can show business value by helping employees gain skills to move into different roles.

We help you connect critical skills to where they're needed across your workforce.

  • Mobilize talent with LinkedIn's unique understanding of skills from 14 million jobs, 1 billion members, and 5 million profiles updates per minute
  • LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn Recruiter work seamlessly to drive internal job discovery for employees and help internal hiring teams find employees interested in internal roles faster than ever
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Measure impact on business priorities and your employees' careers.

89% of L&D professionals agree that proactively building skills will help their business navigate the future of work.

We help you measure impact that matters to your people and your business.

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  • See the skills you have at your organization, the ones employees are developing, and benchmark those skills against peer organizations
  • Understand your employees' career goals*, what internal jobs they're interested in, and how learning helps them make progress toward their goals
*coming soon
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