An image of two individuals smiling while working on their laptops.
An illustration of a highlighted course on LinkedIn Learning.
  • Discover the right content from over 16,400 LinkedIn Learning courses in 7 languages taught by credible industry experts and 60+ new courses added every week. Or upload your organization’s own custom videos, documents, and links.
  • Customize the learner experience through curated Learning Paths. Create unique paths for specific groups of learners.
  • Leverage AI-driven recommendations to find the right content for your learners, surfacing content based on learning activity, LinkedIn skills taxonomy, and broader insights from over 700 million members and billions of interactions.
An illustration of a LinkedIn Learning instructor teaching a course on video.
  • Build community by introducing ways for learners to connect with one another. Learners can join learning groups, share and recommend courses, and watch courses with their peers and the LinkedIn Learning community using the social panel.
  • Reinforce learning with interactive Q&A.  Learners can ask questions and share ideas with experts, colleagues, and others who have taken the course right from the course page.
  • Curate learning at scale by empowering internal experts, people managers, and learners to create and share content, enabling learners to access content that was created and shared by people they know to help them succeed in their role.
  • Co-brand the platform to reflect your organization’s learning culture. Customize the homepage with your company logo.
An illustration of a list of skills and their corresponding metrics that employees are developing on LinkedIn Learning.
  • Understand your employees’ interest in skills and how that relates to their learning activity. Access downloadable reports on learner activity to share with key stakeholders.
  • Identify skills your learners are building and skills your organization needs by leveraging our skill tagging program that rigorously maps learning content with precise skills based on the world’s largest professional network.
  • Leverage these detailed data, insights, and analytics to curate content for specific groups of learners
An image of two individuals while working on a laptop.