Empower patrons & staff

Offer the business and technical training people need to close skill gaps and succeed.

Offer expert-led eLearning

Provide studio-quality videos from industry experts and working professionals.

Benefit the public

Advance job search and digital literacy initiatives and support your community.

Close job-related skills gaps

Help patrons and staff acquire the hard skills they need to be more productive in their careers.

Meet LyndaLibrary from LinkedIn

  • Provide patrons with access to thousands of up-to-date and cost-effective business, creative and technology skills training videos designed for desktop and mobile learning
  • Incorporate Lynda.com into an integrated library system (ILS)

  • Authenticate users via their library card number with Patron API or SIP2

  • Provide patrons access onsite or anywhere with an Internet connection

  • Offer training to your entire community through a cost-e ective subscription model