Become a learning leader on campus
and take ownership of your own skill development

LinkedIn Learning Champions are a diverse group of approachable, on-campus leaders who take charge of their learning journey and inspire others to do the same. Through this program, students leverage their passions to drive initiatives resulting in an expansive network both on and off campus, tangible experiential learning opportunities, and an impressive portfolio that sets each Champion up for future success both academically and professionally.

The benefits and outcomes for Student Champions who successfully complete the program include:
- An expansive network of individuals both on campus and off, including LinkedIn employees
- Become and empowering leader on campus
- Career-ready portfolio of projects
- LinkedIn platform expert
- Highlighted and showcased in newsletters and other publications
- Reference Letter from LinkedIn
- Certification of Program Completion

If you are passionate about becoming an inspiring leader on campus, empowering others, growing skills to prepare for your professional career, and becoming a technical expert in the pursuit of learning, we want to hear from you! Applications are closed for the 2019-2020 school year, but will re-open this fall for the 2020-2021 cohort. Please check in later for more details.

How it works

Be a LinkedIn Insider

From building a standout professional brand with your LinkedIn profile, getting inside knowledge on data insights, and leveraging all the insider tools and resources; you will become a go-to expert on all things LinkedIn. 

Grow your skills

With this program you will identify your interests and potential career trajectories. And then, using data that will help you pinpoint the exact skills you should have in your back pocket for a successful career. 

Inspire others

Elevate your skills and passions by helping others find their purpose with learning. Start by sharing the benefits of LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning, and how these types of tools helped you, and become an inspirational leader on your campus!

Senior Champions

It is our belief that the LinkedIn Learning Champion Mentors Program can support efforts by students in gaining leadership skills. Students who have already participated in the program have the opportunity to become Mentor Champions and mentor the next cohort of students in the program.

Mentors you will be paired up with a maximum of 10 champions who they will support throughout the program. In our first phase we had the pleasure of partnering with other organizations to provide additional opportunities for professional networking. If you would like to learn more about the program's first phase you can read about it HERE.

Like the Champions, Mentors will be required to complete a series of points to gain a certificate of completion however, these points will be related to their mentoring projects. Mentors will also be provided with additional benefits including for example a LinkedIn job seeker license, opportunities to network with partner organizations and the ability to connect with LinkedIn employees.

You can review the general outline of the program below. You can also apply through the same application process as the LinkedIn Learning Champion Program available HERE.

Image of previous Senior Champions group