The LinkedIn Learning Champion Program now expands over the course 6 months to provide ample time for students to define initiatives and execute projects while managing their academic workload. 


The projects you complete during the program become the foundation of skills you learn, experiences you collect, and keystones of your portfolio. These projects and initiatives give you the opportunity to be as innovative and creative as you dream of OR you can lean on the recommendations from project categories already outlined.

Project categories include:
- Social Media/Content Curation
- Writing and Publishing
- Presenting & Public Speaking
- Creative Design
- Hosting Events (Individual & Team-Based)
- Capstone

Please use the hashtag #LiLChampions2021 for all of your submissions and keep track of your projects for your final summary


Final Reflection

To successfully complete the program you must complete and submit a final reflection to help articulate the initiatives you worked on and the skills you learned. The reflection should include:

(1) Brief summary of projects
(2) a 300-word or 3-minute video summary of your experience to answer the following questions:

- The benefits and drawbacks of the program
- Skills that you developed through the program
- Feedback about the program (areas for improvement)

Highlights of your projects/tasks/initiatives

Image of students at an event