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Level up your organization’s AI skills.


Overwhelmed by the pace and complexity of helping your organization gain AI skills? You’re not alone. Learning and development (L&D) professionals are critical to influencing their organization’s AI journey, serving as catalysts for progress and upskilling.

LinkedIn Learning’s new framework will help L&D pros upskill employees across a wide range of roles and levels of AI proficiency, from project managers and administrative assistants requiring introductory AI knowledge to engineers who require highly technical skills to build and deploy company-specific AI systems.


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44% of US executives say they plan to increase their use of AI in their organization in the next year and 4 in 5 people want to learn how to use AI in their profession.

Sources: Future of Work Report November 2023,
Workplace Learning Report 2024


84% of LinkedIn members are in occupations that could leverage Generative AI (GenAI) to automate at least a quarter of routine tasks to increase productivity.

Source: Redefining Work

Courses are built for every level of learner in mind. 
Build critical skills — from business professionals to tech teams — with a range of courses taught by leading experts in the field.
  • Level 1 - Understanding: Content appropriate for all professionals. Includes responsible AI, GAI fluency and awareness.

  • Level 2 - Applying: Content appropriate for all professionals. Includes prompt engineering and copilots.

  • Level 3 - Building: Content for power users and developers building AI-powered applications and solutions. Includes low-code methodologies and hands on practice with APIs.

  • Level 4 - Model training and maintaining: Content for roles implementing AI including technical applications AI and ML models, deep learning, and fine-tuning models.

  • Level 5 - Deep specialization: Content for advanced AI specialists and R&D roles including MLOps, ML researches, cybersecurity, and data scientists.

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Actionable advice in an instant

Learners can get real-time advice and examples in a digestible format to develop their people skills.


Find the right content faster

Learners can navigate the expansive LinkedIn Learning library and develop both technical skills and people skills like never before.


Highly personalized and tailored

Conversations are personalized to each user’s learning activity and informed by the LinkedIn Skills Graph.

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The share of job postings on LinkedIn mentioning GPT or ChapGPT skills increased by 21x since November 2022.

Source: Future of Work Report November 2023

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Multimedia tech courses 

We’re releasing 50 courses that will include not only video, but new text and image formats, allowing us to offer more choice when it comes to the learning styles that work best for individual learners.

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Advanced tech content 

Dive deep on tech skills with  30+ new advanced tech courses focused on today’s most in-demand skills like Python, Cybersecurity, and AI — taught by leading experts.

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Hands-on practice courses

Tech teams can use 25 new Code Challenges to practice and get immediate on-platform feedback. And with 35 new GitHub Codespace courses, they can apply skills in a safe environment with an enterprise-grade, cloud-based IDE.

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Certification Prep and Practice Exams

Your tech teams can practice their skill progression with 20+ new Certification Prep courses and 10+ new exams on in-demand tech skills.

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Meet learners where they are with Skillsoft content and reporting integrations.


Organizations that use Skillsoft Percipio as their LXP can provide learners with up-to-date LinkedIn content while admins enjoy automatic syncs and visibility into learner progress and course completion.

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Manage billing, users, and licenses across products in one place.


People Management functionality is now in LinkedIn Admin Center, along with self-service billing, allowing you to provide access, increase adoption, and manage your purchases in a single platform.

Discover Admin Center

Guide employees to in-demand skill gaps.

Develop the skills that matter today.

Connect skills to organizational priorities.

Measure business and career impact.

Custom Role Guide enhancements

Customize Career Dev learning features easily and at scale with enhanced tools including duplication functionality, AI assistance, and more.

Mobile app enhancements

Soon it’ll be easier than ever to develop skills wherever, whenever with new enhancements to the LinkedIn Learning mobile app.

AI-powered coaching language expansion

Learners using the French, German, Spanish, or Portuguese language libraries can use AI-powered coaching to get highly personalized and tailored content recommendations in real-time and in their preferred language.

Professional Certificates and Certification Prep

More credentials ranging from negotiation, graphic design, docker, and DevOps.

Continued content releases

Help learners develop the skills that matter with the latest and greatest content across key topics.

Admin skill proficiency reporting

Measure your orgs skill proficiency and understand skill gaps with peer-calibrated skill proficiency reporting.

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Webinar: An [in]Side Look at new AI learning content and features

Join live to hear our LinkedIn Learning Global Content experts dive deep into our new AI Upskilling Framework and see demos of the latest LinkedIn Learning features.

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Here’s how you can start using AI for work

Whether you're new to AI or a seasoned prompt engineer, explore how to use AI — and our new AI-powered coaching tool — to advance your career.

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The business value and opportunity of AI

Discover how AI is being used to drive economic impact for organizations and how you can unlock new opportunities inside this new study from Microsoft and IDC.

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Career Mobility Journey Map

Career Mobility Journey Map for L&D

Your task is to align career aspirations with organizational objectives, while connecting skills with where they’re needed in the organization. LinkedIn Learning supports you every step of the way.

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