As a talent developer, your top priority is to provide engaging and relevant learning content to help employees succeed and grow in their roles — but it’s tough to get them to make the time.

Custom content could be your way in. Custom content is the unique content you create in-house or curate from favorite resources to compliment your scalable off-the-shelf content.

Custom video content grounds off-the-shelf learning into the unique reality of the learner—her heroes, her challenges, her growth path.

Here are a few scenarios to help you envision how this might play out in your organization.

72% of employees say they would be motivated to engage with relevant online learning content featuring company leadership or management.

Once the paperwork is signed, the real talent development work begins—with onboarding. Data shows that the onboarding process is crucial to employee retention, productivity, and success. 

Help your new hires get acquainted with your business and company culture before they walk in the door for their first day.

69% of employees are more likely to stay with an organization for 3+ years with a great onboarding experience.

Picture this...

A new employee completes her 2-day in-person onboarding. She gets home, very excited for her first day on the job and receives an invitation to a learning path.

In that learning path she finds a message from the CEO about the importance of culture. There is a message from her department head about the goals of the team, and from her direct manager about her management style and the exciting challenges they’ll tackle together.

This quick video from Human Resources: Running Company Onboarding provides some thought starters for what leaders can include in their video.

Picture this...

An employee was just promoted to his first role as a people manager. He’s excited about these new responsibilities, but he’s nervous about guiding a team and helping his new direct reports navigate career paths.

In his inbox, along with a calendar invite for his in-person training, he receives a learning path featuring videos of leaders and managers within his organization describing the management culture, career coaching, giving constructive feedback, and handling difficult situations.

This video from Developing Managers in Organizations covers the 5 skills every manager needs to master. Select courses on these skills to feature alongside your custom content! 

Picture this...

A marketing team just launched a massive cross functional effort that took 6 months to create and build. They meet and discuss potential improvements to their processes and how to better collaborate.

The manager of the project creates a video documenting their findings—a more scalable and engaging approach to the traditional post-mortem. He complements this by handpicking off-the-shelf learning courses to help the team improve in key areas like data-visualization and project management.

This video from Data Visualization: Storytelling will help anyone presenting data and information turn facts and figures into a compelling story. 

Picture this...

An employee decides she wants to learn SQL to pull her own reports without having to ask or wait for cross-functional partners. She takes a few courses and decides she is ready to try out her new skills.

She watches a custom content video detailing how your unique organization uses SQL so that she knows how to leverage those new skills. After all, your database has fields that are unique to your organization, and the custom content that this employee creates can highlight company-specific use cases.

Feature a video that introduces how your company uses SQL alongside this video from SQL Tips, Tricks, & Techniques