chandigarh University

The client: Preparing students to be future ready

Chandigarh University, a private university in Mohali, India, aims to become a global center for excellence in research, creativity, and business. They provide a comprehensive education and practical experiences to prepare students for success worldwide.

From computing to culinary science, Chandigarh University offers more than 50 courses, all aimed at providing holistic education and real-world experiences to students, the independent citizens of tomorrow.

The challenge: Producing well-rounded change-makers

In order to holistically develop students who can make a change in the world, it was clear that the university needed to equip students with knowledge and skills that go beyond textbooks – something the school could not do on their own, adding employability skills to bridge Industry academia gap.

The solution: Bridging the industry academia gap with LinkedIn Learning

  • Self-directed learning: Since February 2022, LinkedIn Learning has given students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and convenience online. The platform’s flexibility encourages students to be self-motivated in their learning and pick up skills and knowledge beyond the classroom.

  • Quality Content: Together with LinkedIn Learning, Chandigarh University now offers 15 unique credit-backed courses, including Entrepreneurship, Academic Writing and other core subjects. These industry-standard skill-enhancing courses equip students for the working world and beyond. Upon completion of courses, students receive a credit score which counts towards their final academic transcript.

  • Empowering future leaders: Chandigarh University has participated in LinkedIn Learning’s Campus Ambassador Programme, where 15 young leaders (exceptional students) are chosen to visit LinkedIn’s Gurgaon campus and attend a year-long series of workshops aimed at nurturing young leaders and proactive change-makers.


Professor Gurpreet Singh
Professor Gurpreet Singh
Associate Director,
Chandigarh University