Leading from the front with LinkedIn

The Results


●  Empower employees and make them co-responsible for their own development

●  Establish a culture of constant learning
●  Develop learning programmes targeted towards leaders

● Deliver tailored learning programmes to specific audiences

●  Create recognition culture that incentivises employees to learn

●  Curate content geared towards specific skill sets

●  Learning hours completed – 31.840

●  24,289 courses watched and completed

●  99 per cent license activation rate

About El Puerto de Liverpool

Liverpool is the leading department store company in Mexico, with 136 stores. Founded in 1847 as a fine fabric sales business located in the centre of Mexico City and shifted shortly afterwards to the import and sale of European products that were shipped from the Port of Liverpool. This is how the great family of El Puerto de Liverpool began. For 170 years, El Puerto de Liverpool has been dedicated to selecting quality and providing the best service to Mexican families, hoping to exceed expectations of quality, fashion, value and service. El Puerto de Liverpool has two corporations, more than 100 department stores, shopping centres, boutiques, distribution centres and warehouses. Its mission is to serve the customer everywhere, every day.

HQ LOCATION:  Ciudad de México, Cuajimalpa de Morelos
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Juan Pablo Durán

“LinkedIn Learning has been a great tool for us to continue our plans to build a personal learning cloud for our employees as well as to develop a learning culture in the organisation.”

Bárbara Sierra

“LinkedIn Learning has allowed us to place the employees at the centre of their own learning and development.”

What the learners say:

Emiliana Emigdio lvarez
Emiliana Emigdio lvarez
Accounts Receivable Lead, El Puerto de Liverpool, Acapulco

“I have seen many leadership videos. I think the platform is very accessible and recommends good and relevant content.”

Daniel Rafael Morales
Daniel Rafael Morales
HR Digital Transformation Manager, El Puerto de Liverpool

“LinkedIn Learning has helped us to prepare the HR digital transformation team for all the challenges we face in an accelerated way.”

Elizabeth Garza Esquivel
Elizabeth Garza Esquivel
Multimedia Product Coordinator, El Puerto de Liverpool

“LinkedIn Learning has allowed me to complement my professional and personal training through different courses. This has helped me to put into practice all of the knowledge I have learned to guide my team and continue to meet company objectives. It is very useful since you can find diverse topics with different field experts, and the thing that I most appreciate is that you can learn at your own pace”.