How EVA Pharma embraced LinkedIn Learning

The Results


The challenge 
●  Pivot – transform all classroom-training and move to 100% online learning

●  Create learning paths that help employees adapt to the “new normal”

●  Enable employees to access flexible online training that adapts to busy work schedules

The solution
●  1,000 LinkedIn Learning licenses

●  Encourage learners to collaborate and promote cross-function working to increase positive impact

●  Ensure time is used wisely by offering flexible solutions

The results
●  More than 17,800 courses completed

●  More than 300,000 videos watched

●  23,900 hours of learning

About EVA Pharma

EVA Pharma works to save and improve millions of lives by offering accessible, high value medicines and health care solutions that address patients’ needs. Established in 1997, the firm is built on the heritage of Les Laboratories Delta, Egypt’s second-oldest pharmaceutical company, and is now one of the leading branded generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the EMEA region. With a CAGR of 30% over the past seven years, it has earned the title of fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the region.

INDUSTRY: Pharmaceuticals
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 1,001-5,000
HQ LOCATION: Giza, Egypt
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In their own words:

Dr. Riad Armanious
Dr. Riad Armanious
CEO at EVA Phama

“I firmly believe that making an impact starts with how we do things, how we work with integrity and how we empower and inspire each other to bring our best selves to work. For an industry embedded in science and research, I believe in the quality of learning. We are building lifelong assets. LinkedIn Learning is the best solution, offering diversified experiences and rich content.”

Madonna Hany
Madonna Hany
People Operations Section Head at EVA Pharma

“LinkedIn Learning is the solution for readymade e-learning content and self-paced learning. Deploying a well-developed learning platform with accuracy and at breakneck speed was a challenge, but LinkedIn Learning exceeded all our expectations.”

George Saadan
George Saadan
People Operations Director at EVA Pharma

“The take-up has been phenomenal. Our employees love to learn. For instance, we have reached an average time of 15h 6m per viewer, which is impressive for an organisation that is highly eager for learning and development.”


Mina Emad Amir
Mina Emad Amir
NPD Manager at EVA Pharma

“The decision to partner with LinkedIn learning was based on its unmatched library of content. It has more than 14,000 courses taught by real-world experts and a dashboard that helps us to identify the skills that our employees need to succeed and evolve.”

What the learners say:

Dr Abram Wagih
Dr Abram Wagih
Head of Marketing & Medical Affairs at EVA Pharma

“EVA Pharma invests in its teams by providing professional learning opportunities, giving all of its employees free access to various LinkedIn Learning courses. This adds real value and provides an enriching experience that increases the team’s overall knowledge.”


Dr. Nicolas Böge
Dr. Nicolas Böge
Commercial Director at EVA Phama

“I really like this platform, as you get many choices and lectures given by experienced people in their respective fields – learning from experts to become an expert. Especially in the current tough times, it allows everyone to deal with the most relevant topics, such as remote working.”

Dr Mohamed Abd El Gawad
Dr Mohamed Abd El Gawad
SFE and Data Mining Manager at EVA Phama

“Learning is fundamental to our existence, just like food for nourishing our bodies. EVA Pharma recognises this and has adopted a lifelong learning culture. Recently, we were all granted full access to the valuable courses and learning paths on the LinkedIn Learning platform. We feel excited about this learning opportunity, which will help us stay competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace.”

Marina Saied
Marina Saied
People Operations Specialist at EVA Phama

“I use LinkedIn Learning a lot. The courses are very rich and variable, as well as being easy to follow, short and to the point.”