How Fugro used LinkedIn to help employees learn on the go

The Results


●  Develop a learning mindset and establish a learning culture – provide employees with all the tools needed to embrace fast-paced change

●  Make training inclusive – give employees “in the field” easy access to content
●  Empower employees to take control of their own development

● Encourage employees to access content in new ways

●  Utilise LinkedIn Learning champions to encourage LinkedIn Learning license activation

●  Use LinkedIn Learning content mapper to customise learning paths

●  31,450 learning hours

●  412,000 videos watched in the last 12 months

●  83% LinkedIn Learning license activation

About Fugro

Fugro is the world’s leading geodata specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it. Adopting an integrated approach that incorporates acquisition and analysis of geodata and related advice, Fugro provides solutions. With expertise in site characterisation and asset integrity, clients are supported in the safe, sustainable and efficient design, construction and operation of their assets throughout the full life cycle.

INDUSTRY:  Renewables and Environment
NO. OF EMPLOYEES:  5,001-10,000
HEADQUARTERS:  Leidschendam, South Holland
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Andrew McNeill

“When we launched LinkedIn Learning, one of our goals was to enable our staff to take ownership of their own learning. The utilisation reports that we monitor show that this has been successful. Regardless of their diverse needs and interests, there is something for everyone in the LinkedIn Learning content library.”

Kat Soutar

“LinkedIn Learning is great for people that want to take control of their own development.” 

What the learners say:

Angela Christie
Angela Christie
Global Leadership Programme Manager

“LinkedIn Learning podcasts encourage me to listen to content without distraction from video footage, helping stimulate more thought and reflection on the message being delivered and enhancing my listening skills. What’s great is that I can listen from anywhere – my office, car, kitchen, even whilst out exercising or doing a little bit of desk yoga! I believe the introduction of podcasts is a valuable addition to LinkedIn Learning and I would encourage everyone to try at least one. You will be hooked!”

Karol Kruk
Karol Kruk
Senior Consultant

“As a non-native living in Germany not only I could get more professional material to study from but absorb the local lingo at the same time. The videos feature subtitles and relevant content comes in a variety of languages. At home and on the go. Wunderbar!”