Enriching the learning experience with LinkedIn

The results


●  Deliver high quality learning experiences with up to date and relevant learning resources and education

●  Encourage students to learn skills independently to focus on practical learning in the classroom
●  Create additional opportunities for students to learn and develop, including anytime/anywhere learning, and improve student/staff engagement

● Give students access to constantly updated library of LinkedIn Learning content 

●  Create custom IHM Learning Paths, specific to certain skill sets to support Flipped Classroom learning

●  Blend IHM content, LinkedIn Learning content and online teaching to support students’ needs

●  2.1 hours average time per user (twice as high as LinkedIn learner average)

●  Activation rate of 12% above the LinkedIn customer average

●  Within one month of activation:1645 courses viewed in total

About IHM

IHM Business School was founded in 1966 to address the educational needs in industry and trade and helping working professionals strengthen their business acumen while remaining on the job. Today, more than 50 years later, IHM Business School remains dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of the Swedish trade and industry. IHM blends practice, theory and digital learning elements to make education as relevant and effective as possible.

HQ LOCATION: Gothenburg, Malmoe, Stockholm, Sweden
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What the learners say:

Daniel Liljeberg

“LinkedIn Learning has complemented my studies at IHM and allowed me to explore topics in greater depth.”

In their own words:

David Nachmann
David Nachmann
Development Manager, IHM

“I have worked with LinkedIn Learning for about ten years in various subject areas. One of the strengths has always been the breadth of subjects, which provides opportunities for both primary educational content, but also supplementary educational material. The development LinkedIn has brought to the platform in recent years has opened opportunities for personalised learning, as well as an integrated tool for teacher-led instruction within our learning ecosystem.”

Tommy Persson
Director of Business Segment Growth, IHM

“The future of online education is not about one or the other video conferencing solution, but about the access to a learning ecosystem, including a wide range of technical solutions and pedagogical concepts. LinkedIn Learning gives us access to a learning platform and the opportunity to an on-demand learning experience. Through LinkedIn Learning, we aim to give our participants the flexibility to learn – if not everything – so at least anytime and anywhere. At the same time, no part of a learning ecosystem stands alone. As always, it is the contribution from a variety of learning experiences that finally are summarised as a learning outcome.”