• The breadth, depth and quality of content. With more than 12,000 courses, LinkedIn Learning had the breadth and depth ­of content Kellogg needed. More importantly, the courses are effective and provide relevant training. “The quality of content really stood out for us and as we determined what would be best for our employees, we wanted to ensure the content would be compatible and effective to the work we’re doing,” Flosason said.
  • The accessibility of the platform. With a mobile app and online courses split into short video segments, LinkedIn Learning empowers Kellogg employees to learn anytime, anywhere, and around their schedule.
  • The tie-in to LinkedIn. An added bonus to the Kellogg Team is LinkedIn Learning’s tie to LinkedIn. It provides instant brand recognition to virtually all Kellogg employees – they can trust the content is world-class, and since many already use LinkedIn daily, LinkedIn Learning fits into their existing behavior.
  • Continuing the #IGotThis campaign. Building off the video, Kellogg employees continue to post #IGotThis in Yammer, the company’s internal communication platform. Some of those posts include:
    • Just completed first course in LinkedIn learning... This is game-changing education. I’m better now in Excel than I was yesterday. Looking forward to the sales courses next! #igotthis
    • I just completed my first training in LinkedIn Learning. Easy, fast and fun! #igotthis
    • Very proud to be with a company that is helping its employees learn wherever and whenever its convenient for them. Great job to Thor and the entire HR and technology team that brought this to life! #igotthis!
  • Prizes. To drive excitement around LinkedIn Learning, the team set up contests and prizes for people who engaged with the platform. For example, when it launched, all employees who completed a course within the first few weeks were eligible to be placed in a drawing for a free Amazon Echo. They gave away a free Amazon Echo by random draw to an employee who completed a course within the first few weeks.
  • Launch event. For the initial launch, Kellogg held an all-hands on meeting where Flosason explained how and why to use LinkedIn Learning. Although optional, attendance was staggering – one of the better-attended launch sessions the company has ever seen.
  • Friendly competition. If one department was seeing high usage of LinkedIn Learning, then Flosason would highlight that to a less engaged department at Kellogg. This also encouraged more departments to drive engagement of LinkedIn Learning.
  • Most importantly, through partnerships. Flosason has continued to build relationships with business leaders and HR business partners to become LinkedIn Learning advocates. “Our intention and our hope was that our department leaders would embrace LinkedIn Learning and promote it,” he said. “And that was what happened, that was really the key.”
  • “I was able to complete a Project Management certification on LinkedIn Learning, it was super effective and convenient.”
  • “I’m learning about things that are impacting our business like digital transformation and data science.”
  • “LinkedIn Learning is the first place I go to for inspiration and I love the feature to be able to sort by the amount of time I have available.”
  • “Finally, I’m able to access the training that I need when I need it.”
  • “I’m now taking courses on my commute to and from work. Love the efficiency!”

●   Kellogg wanted to move from an ad hoc learning culture to an integrated one, where employees are committed to continuous growth and improvement.

●  Investing in LinkedIn Learning for more than 17,000 corporate employees worldwide.

●  125,000 learning videos watched in six months and overwhelmingly positive employee feedback of LinkedIn Learning.

HQ LOCATION: Battle Creek, Michigan
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In their own words

“It takes the pressure off, I’m no longer worried about all the requests we get. Now, we can focus on other things because we have LinkedIn Learning in place.”

Thor Flosason
Director of Global Learning, Kellogg Company