●  The LEGO Group’s mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. For the company’s Learning & Development team, that has to involve finding new ways to inspire and develop the LEGO Group’s own learners of today.

●  The company invested in 7,500 LinkedIn Learning licenses, covering all of the LEGO Group’s knowledge workers. This was supported by customised learning paths around 12 priority topics for the business. A new learning & development brand (Learning @ LEGO Group) along a new visual identity. Learning @ the LEGO Group launched through a marketing and communications strategy informed by LinkedIn Learning content.

●  90% activation of LinkedIn Learning licenses within 12 months of launch with learners accessing content more than twice a month on average.

About the LEGO Group

  • Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen and remains a family-owned company today
  • The LEGO® name is an abbreviation of the Danish words “Leg Godt”, meaning “play well”
  • Mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow
  • Over 15,000 employees, including 7,500 knowledge workers
HQ LOCATION: Billund, Denmark
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What the learners say:

“It was LinkedIn Learning that helped me find a new role in the LEGO Group’s sustainability team. While I was working in the licensing department, I spent time on the platform learning data tools like PowerBI. I found that area really interesting – and so when a role came up in sustainability with PowerBI as a key requirement, I applied for it. I’ll definitely be using more of LinkedIn Learning going forward. It’s great to have the balance of hard and soft skills, because creativity and play are such an important part of the culture here.”

Jesper Bro Møller
Senior Project Manager, Sustainable Materials Program Team

“There are many different types of roles within my team: finance, pricing, risk management and more. I’ve found that LinkedIn Learning is great opportunity for us to come together around shared learning experiences. We focus on soft skills because they have real relevance to each of us – and we’ve tried lots of different techniques to build momentum. In our last team meeting, I asked everyone to spend some time finding a course that they would recommend to others. That was really fun and helped us to build up a nice library of content for our team.”

Guillaume Thomazi  
Senior Finance Manager, Global Business Cases & Major Finance Projects