●  To develop new learning and career pathways built around the needs of the new ‘technical’ soldier
●  To provide flexible blended learning that can be taken on at speed and tailored to the needs of the individual
●  6,500 LinkedIn Learning licenses
●  Custom content linking the Army with LinkedIn Learning
●  Single sign-on linking the Army learning management system with LinkedIn Learning
●  Successful local learning initiatives amplified across the Group

●  28,000 courses completed
●  60,000 hours watched
●  250,000 videos viewed

About Royal Corps of Signals

Industry: Military
HQ LOCATION: Headquartered in Blandford, UK
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“For us, it’s about offering the opportunity for continuous personal and professional development outside of what we’d class as “formal training”. We’re already one of the biggest apprenticeship providers in the UK. Now we’re looking at how we can use LinkedIn Learning to improve that process for soldiers – and grow those skills from the bottom up. We also focus on helping personnel to lead well.”

Capt. Neil Donaghy

“LinkedIn Learning continues to keep me up to date with new technologies. It’s given me great insight into cloud computing used within the MOD, and has helped me to develop my existing security-based knowledge. This has made me more proficient when dealing with information systems and security issues, with a better understanding of potential threats to systems used within the MOD.”

Neil Shelley(Staff Sergeant)