●  To experiment with new digital learning interventions aligned with PTCL’s digital
   ●   To address the scalability of learning
content for 17,000 employees
   ●   To encourage more proactive, self-directed learning
   ●  Created initial buzz by leveraging PTCL’s internal social media platform to launch LinkedIn Learning
   ●  Invited employees to request for licences by posting about the skills they want to learn using the hashtag #ILearn(Skill)
   ●   Developed monthly LinkedIn Learning courses
mapped to core competency areas
76% activation after launch
   ●   81% monthly repeat learners
   ●   Learners are watching 179 videos on an average a month against top industry figures of 30
   ●   Learners are averaging over 7 hours of video viewership a month
Headquarters: Islamabad, Pakistan 
Employees: 10,001+
Industry: Telecommunications