Sokowatch: learning and development for a growing business with LinkedIn Learning

The Results


●  Align talent development with business strategy

●  Leverage training to give the business a competitive advantage and embed a learning culture
●  Give employees access to workplace training in the midst of a pandemic

● Provide a learning platform that encouraged employees to learn 

●  Combine online learning with Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT), encouraging employees to stay connected during the pandemic

●  Provide employees with tools and skills training at the point of need

●  100% activation within three months

●  80% learner engagement within three months

●  Average 2.3 hours learning (per user, per month)

About Sokowatch

Sokowatch is an American domiciled company with both American and African investor ownership. Sokowatch was founded on the principle that access to quality essential goods and services should not just be a privilege of the few, but a right accorded to everyone. With this principle in mind, Sokowatch launched operations in Nairobi in 2015 and has since expanded to nine cities across four East African Countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda).

HQ LOCATION:  Nairobi, Kenya
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Carolyne Mwaura

“Learning is a key that unlocks many opportunities. Unlocking potential is one of our values at Sokowatch. This means supporting our teams by giving them the tools, skills, resources and competencies they need in order to be successful in their roles. LinkedIn Learning gave us a good mix of curated courses, short videos and an opportunity to add on our own content. This was unlike other platforms that we had looked at. COVID-19 impacted face-to-face learning. LinkedIn Learning allowed us to continue providing training to our teams with little disruption.

“We have seen a correlation between our top performers and the number of courses taken on LinkedIn Learning. This is a testament to the importance of learning in any organisation.”

Cecilia W. Gitahi

“Training is the competitive advantage that we are leveraging to be a successful business. We use LinkedIn Learning in all our regional offices to enhance the ability of our teams to adapt, react quickly to change and create new and needed products and services. We believe that learning facilitates this by giving you insights that can translate into results.” 

what the learners say:

Phoebe Shiphirah
Phoebe Shiphirah
Regional Learning and Development Associate, Sokowatch

“Curating the business learning journeys, I got a chance to transverse the LinkedIn Learning platform from a curious perspective. This platform has helped our staff members unlock potential by gaining market relevant skills and connecting with best-in-class industry experts.”

Esther Namubiru
Esther Namubiru
Country People and Culture Associate, Sokowatch Uganda

“The wealth of knowledge on LinkedIn Learning provides for different approaches to leadership. With the exposure to LinkedIn Learning programmes, I am able to guide my team with actionable and practical solutions to work related challenges. I love the fact that it provides recognised certificates and it's easily accessible even on a mobile phone.”

Rose Kessy
Rose Kessy
Country People and Culture Associate, Sokowatch Tanzania

“LinkedIn Learning is full of learning resources. It gives people the option to download certificates and add them to their LinkedIn profile. This has increased career visibility. This has played a major role in my team's skills gaps since they have the option to choose subjects of interest in areas of their expertise.”

Uzakira Christian
Uzakira Christian
Kigali Branch Assistant Manager, Sokowatch Rwanda

“Learn to grow, never stop learning; For when you stop learning you stop growing as well.”