How Yildiz Holding has embraced personalised learning

The results


●  Develop a diverse content platform, catering to the needs of the business

●  Create content that is easily accessible
●  Give employees access to content that complements the company’s digital transformation agenda and supports growth

● User-friendly learning programme that promotes inclusivity  

●  Give employees a personalised learning experience

●  Provider learners with “instant” content and easy access to personalised learning paths

●  More than 9,500 hours of content viewed

●  217,728 videos watched

●  1,114 videos watched (custom content)

About Yildiz Holding

Yildiz Holding is a global company with more than 65,000 employees worldwide. It is home to some iconic brands, such as Ülker, Godiva and McVitie’s, and has more than 300 brands within its portfolio. Yildiz values diversity – its’ workforce boasts 73 different passports from around the world. It also values digital transformation and being the leader in what it does. Yildiz follows the latest trends in order to constantly grow its business and improve its work.

HQ LOCATION: Istanbul, Turkey
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Mehmet Tütüncü

“Thanks to LinkedIn Learning and its high volume of course content, we can keep our workforce up-to-date and dynamic in adapting to the new ways of doing business and thriving in the cycle of continuous change.”

Bahattin Aydın

“LinkedIn Learning has become a great tool for our organisation. We can reflect our organisation’s digital transformation and strategic agenda to our employees through creating specialised learning experiences and sharing them. It is inspiring to see that employees and our leadership make great use of this vast library of learning.”

what the learners say:

Feyza Nur Göçmen
Feyza Nur Göçmen
Talent Acquisition, L&D and Employer
Branding Assistant Specialist at Yıldız Holding

“LinkedIn Learning has given me confidence – I have a great tool to help me discover and learn anytime, anywhere. My learning experience has become fun and exciting. I am always looking for ways to use LinkedIn Learning throughout the day.”

Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Global Director of Learning and
Development at Godiva Chocolatier

“LinkedIn Learning is not only a wonderful learning option for self-guided, curious adult learners, but it is also an amazing flexible tool for us as an organisation to customise specific content at a specific time. LinkedIn Learning gives us the ability to reach a large number of people with focused, impactful content in an extremely efficient manner.”

Merve Koyuncu
Merve Koyuncu
Talent Acquisition, L&D and Employer
Branding Executive at Yıldız Holding

“LinkedIn Learning has transformed the way our organisation learns. We can easily personalise every learner’s experience through creating learning paths and we can form an experience of learning that is easy to use and that has content every organisation needs.”

Moriah McConnell
Moriah McConnell
Talent Acquisition Manager at Godiva Chocolatier

“I have found LinkedIn Learning to be a huge asset for my role at Godiva – I was able to take courses in diversity and inclusion which helped spark a passion for creating inclusive recruitment processes. LinkedIn Learning is also customisable, allowing companies to create learning paths for their employees to create opportunities for shared learning experiences. I have found this to be a very useful tool for professional development.”