●  Align talent strategy with business strategy
●  Support a holistic approach to talent and learning from recruitment to development, engagement and retention
●  Deliver relevant micro-learning experiences for all employees, across regions and languages
●  Embed learning as a shared habit for a global company

●  LinkedIn Talent Solutions suite, incorporating LinkedIn Learning, Recruiter and Glint.
●  12,500 LinkedIn Learning licenses rolled out through Atlas Copco’s regional and divisional Learning & Development community
●  Advocacy programme leveraging early adopters
●  Successful local learning initiatives amplified across the Group

●  100% activation of LinkedIn Learning licenses with 14,358 total learners
●  51% of learners visiting the platform at least twice monthly
●  50,584 learning hours in Q1 2020, 5 hours 18 minutes per learner

About Atlas Copco

  • Global industrial company with market-leading compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly systems
HQ LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden
Customers in more than 180 countries
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What the learners say:

“The LinkedIn Learning platform is simply amazing, it offers a huge range of trainings in several areas which allows me to keep myself updated. For those seeking professional and personal growth this tool is a full of opportunities, especially during these challenging times we have been facing.”

Alesandro Bertor
Project Leader ITBA

Alesandro Bertor

“We needed to get our teams together as a community where they could bounce ideas around and learn from one another. A key part of this involved making sure we were using a consistent set of tools and had the right communication and collaboration channels and forums.”

Dorna Eriksson Shafiei
VP Talent Management, Atlas Copco

Dorna Eriksson Shafiei