● To embed a culture of Learning Anywhere, Learning Anytime (LALA)
   ● To reduce a reliance on classroom learning, which represented 70% of all training delivered
   ● Started with 700 licences for managers and gradually increased this to include other employee grades
   ● Encouraged 5 minutes of learning every day
   ● Pushed biweekly course recommendations and regular reminders
   ● Ran a Group Challenge and celebrated Top Learners
   ● Developed a Future Smart Challenge 2021, with ‘LALA Ranger’ characters embarking on an adventure
100% activation within a year
   ● 11.2 average monthly learning hours per user
   ● 90% of users find LinkedIn Learning useful
   ● 89% of users spend at least 5 minutes learning each day
Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia
Employees: 6,000
Industry: Banking