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Start on day one — or earlier

Make career pathing a central part of each step of the hiring process: 

  • Job listings. Half (52%) of millennials consider opportunities for career development the No. 1 most desirable quality in a company they would consider working for. To attract top talent, job listings should highlight the company’s commitment to tailored professional development. 

  • The interview process. While an interview may not be the place to finalize the details of a career pathing plan, it is an often-overlooked opportunity to get a head start. Focusing a portion of the interview on the skills a candidate is hoping to develop can help a professional development plan take shape before the candidate becomes an employee.

  • Onboarding. The onboarding process is a natural fit for career pathing. When a new employee’s professional goals are a substantial component of onboarding, it centers that employee’s needs and makes them feel valued and invested in. Learn more in our guide, Onboarding Top Talent.

Make career pathing a collaboration

Guide employees based on company needs

Make learning social

LinkedIn Learning Hub

The LinkedIn Learning Hub features a wide array of specialized learning paths that offer focused, role-based content. 

  • Learners can navigate through content curated around their own career path, based on predefined roles within the organization, and more. 

  • One of the primary motivators that keep employees learning is the opportunity to advance in the company. LinkedIn Learning Hub helps those employees discover internal opportunities that would be a good fit for them alongside content that will help them prepare for those roles. 

  • The LinkedIn Learning Hub allows learners to set their own career goals, enabling the platform to showcase content and other resources that are directly related to the learner’s interests. 

  • To help learners progress and demonstrate their skills, the LinkedIn Learning Hub offers skill evaluations. These can help learners identify gaps in their skillset based on their career path.

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