Having learning paths at the ready for common learning opportunities offers multiple benefits: 

  • Your L&D team can curate learning experiences that reflect your organization’s culture.

  • When multiple individuals upskill from the same source material, they share a common language and set of expected behaviors. 

  • You can offer individual upskilling in learning communities, creating connections between workers who might otherwise not interact with one another. LinkedIn data shows that employees who learn in community are more successful and feel a deeper sense of belonging.
  • Case: A worker who has spent the majority of their professional career in a traditional setting is being promoted to their first management position.
  • Pain point: The organization has recently shifted to a hybrid workplace setting. The employee has very little experience being managed in a hybrid setting, and zero experience leading in one. They are nervous about how well they will transition to this new role.
  • Learning path: Develop Essential Skills to Manage in a Hybrid Workplace
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  • Case: Governments and investors around the world are putting pressure on organizations to enact sustainable business practices. 
  • Pain point: The organization’s leadership team needs to be brought up to speed on what is happening with sustainability in business in order to make important decisions about the company’s path forward.
  • Learning path: Sustainability Transformation for Leaders
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  • Case: An organization wants to provide cybersecurity training for its employees.
  • Pain point: The training needs to be self-paced and durable so that new hires can undergo the same training.
  • Learning path: Build Your Cybersecurity Awareness Skills
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  • Case: An outstanding employee with an aptitude for tech wants to further their career in that field.
  • Pain point: The employee is searching for mentoring from people who have overcome social barriers to build successful careers.
  • Learning path: Women Transforming Tech: Navigating Your Career
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  • Case: An employee has identified a desired career path in project management and is ready to train as a project coordinator.
  • Pain point: The employee is enrolled at one of LinkedIn’s partner academic institutions while working full-time and wants to reduce their overall workload while still advancing their career.
  • Learning path: Become a Project Coordinator