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Over the last few years, there’s been a shift in the workplace. As many positions became remote and employees adopted new ways to collaborate and work, the importance of engagement took center stage.

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L&D leaders can:

  • Provide learners with a one-stop-shop by consolidating all of their company’s learning resources*

  • Recognize broader LinkedIn insights and career goals to provide AI-driven recommendations to employees using the Hub*

  • Customize the learner experience*

  • Provide learners with comprehensive LinkedIn Learning content directly from industry experts

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L&D leaders can:

  • Facilitate a sense of community within their organization by connecting learners with colleagues, peers, and experts

  • Scale curation by encouraging everyone to create and share content*

  • Help employees learn as they work by integrating learning into tools they already use

  • Co-brand the platform and emails* to reflect the organization’s learning culture

Illustration representing skill-driven outcomes

L&D leaders can:

  • Curate specific content to a particular group of learners based on data and insights

  • Identify which skills their company needs and which skills their learners are building*

  • Gain easy access to customizable reports across content sources*

  • Understand learning activity and the skills their learners are interested in