According to LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report, the top learning motivations employees reported were all related to career development:

  • It helps me stay up-to-date in my field

  • It is personalized specifically for my interests and career goals

  • It helps me get another job internally, be promoted, or get closer to reaching my career goals

The key to staying on track with achieving goals is prioritizing those goals. When you sit down with your employees to review their list of goals, ask them: 

  • Which of these goals can be accomplished the soonest with the least amount of effort?

  • Which of these goals has a longer lead time but greater reward?

  • Which of these goals might be an opportunity for team learning?

However, he urges learners to rethink their understanding of ambition and asks that they think of their goal-setting in terms of what he calls the three ambitions.

  • Be ambitious for the person you already are. Identify the person you already are and the skills you already have — and create goals that capitalize on those aspects of yourself. 

  • Be ambitious for doing work that matters. Identify how the work you’re doing can impact the world around you in a positive way, and create goals around that.

  • Be ambitious for unlocking the future you. Recognize your potential and set goals that help you unlock those yet-untapped parts of yourself.
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Shanita Williams defines four types of support in her course Build a Personal Learning Plan and Stick with It.

  • Informational support. People with firsthand knowledge and experience that will help you make informed decisions that keep you on track.

  • Esteem support. People who believe in you and can speak to your strengths and the value you bring, which will increase your confidence when you need it.

  • Tangible support. People who can provide you with the physical help you need to complete tasks within your learning plan.

  • Emotional support. People who can listen and be good sounding boards when you run into a challenge and can also be there to support you emotionally.