1. The proliferation of technology: “You don’t have to be a computer scientist to use technology daily.”

  2. Many business trends driving innovation have IT at their core: “Your company is already leveraging, or has plans to leverage, data analytics, social media, and mobile business solutions, and more. IT should recognize these to be examples of topics that you can take the lead on.”

  3. Cybersecurity has become a major board-level concern: “Companies are investing time, money, and attention to cybersecurity — which is, again, the domain of the IT leader.”

Based on these critical shifts, High concluded:

1. Management

2. SQL

3. Microsoft Office

4. Project Management

5. Analytical Skills

6. Communication

7. Customer Service

8. Leadership

9. Cloud Computing

10. Python (Programming Language)

1. Software Development

2. SQL

3. Finance

4. Python (programming language)

5. Java (programming language)

6. Data Analysis

7. JavaScript

8. Cloud Computing

9. Operations

10. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)