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Upskilling Employees in the Remote Era

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Employee skilling through an online platform like LinkedIn Learning Hub provides benefits like:

  • Helping employees set learning goals
  • Letting the workforce connect with fellow learners
  • More opportunities for remote upskilling and reskilling
  • Teaching and insights from from industry experts
  • Flexible skilling for busy schedules
  • Self-led learning opportunities

Collaborating in a virtual environment

on the best practices for using it in a remote/hybrid work environment is all too often overlooked. Not only does improving virtual communication skills help teams collaborate more effectively, it can improve employee experiences across the board.

With no “water cooler” to gather around, having a strong virtual culture can lessen the feeling of isolation that is so common to remote work. Less isolation and better communication foster greater employee engagement and loyalty to your company.

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Illustration of a professional working on a laptop

Boundaries and burnout

Work-life balance and mental health awareness are hot topics, but simply mentioning their importance isn’t enough. Employees need guidance on how to achieve a balance that works for them, as well as resources they can turn to if they’re having difficulty finding that balance and are experiencing symptoms of burnout.

Most importantly, leadership must be trained to recognize the behaviors that encourage worker burnout. This puts leadership in a position to coach management on these behaviors and actively enforce the boundaries that prevent burnout across the organization.

Remote organization best practices

With employees working in the office, out of the office, and across multiple time zones, having an organized business is more important than ever. From server structure and file naming conventions to project management software, there are an incredible number of useful organizational tools—but they’re nothing without a set process consistently adopted across the company.

Leadership can spearhead a process for the hybrid era, but they must also learn to evangelize the value of that process in an authentic way. When employees understand how this process will help them, you can provide the training materials for how to adopt it.

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