How dmg events developed a learning culture

The results

●  Create a culture of learning, promoting continuous development

●  Empower employees to take ownership of their own personal development

●  Provide a diverse content platform that can be used across the business by various job functions

●  Create an internal brand – learning@dmg – that promotes a learning culture

●  Promote an annual learning calendar, with themes driving engagement

●  Inspire employees by promoting targeted LinkedIn Learning content

●  Onboard quickly 
Curated learning paths helped people managers onboard new hires quickly

●  Increase in courses completed 
927 courses completed compared to 314 in 2019

●  Increase in videos watched 
21,162 videos watched compared to 9,867 in 2019 

About dmg events

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, since 1989, with operations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and the UK, dmg events is an international exhibitions and publishing company. Each year, it attracts more than 425,000 visitors to its portfolio of 84 exhibitions.

NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 201-500 employees
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Premila Braganza
Annet Fernandes

What the learners say:

“Since joining dmg events, I have had to learn the nature of the business quickly and familiarise myself with tax accounting. LinkedIn Learning helped to support me in my new role. There are multiple courses that allow you to enhance or revisit a skill already acquired. I did five courses, mostly accounting fundamentals and bookkeeping. I was able to personalise them, based on my relevant skills and interests. I am a visual and illustrative learner; the videos and practical examples made things quick to grasp. I used what I have learned through LinkedIn Learning to expand my professional competency.”

Theresa Letshoene
Tax and Compliance Manager, dmg events

Theresa Letshoene

“Each video offers an introduction to a new skill or helps improve an existing one. Visual learning is not one of my best traits, but LinkedIn Learning offers short videos with great presenters. Each presenter has a valuable insight and the best part is that they have the solutions too. If you don’t like a solution that one presenter offers, there are others with different solutions. LinkedIn Learning helped me organise my priorities and tasks and introduced me to new ways in which I can prepare for challenging times.” 

Hasan Alwayel
Sales Manager, dmg events

Hasan Alwayel

“My goal was to learn something extra about everything that interests me, to give myself an edge. LinkedIn Learning was the perfect platform for this. It has definitely helped me refine my skills, gain new ones and learn something interesting every day.” 

Namitha Sathish
Marketing Coordinator, dmg events

Namitha Sathish

“LinkedIn Learning helps me to stay proactive – I have vast learning material at my fingertips. As a data analyst and working in technology, we need to constantly stay up-to-date with new skills and systems. LinkedIn Learning not only supports me with solutions to my analytical problems, but also provides new ideas, new ways of reporting and data visualisation.” 

Pallavi Manghani
Data Analyst, dmg events

Pallavi Manghani