Simple access to impactful people development with LinkedIn

The Results

●  Support employees at a time of need with a solution that suited their working environment

●  Old learning platform was seen as a barrier to career progression and development

●  Turn negative learning experiences into positive ones

●  Deliver a user-friendly and easy to access learning platform 

●  Provide enhanced opportunities for learning through targeted communications and content

●  Understand the employees learning journey and create a marketing campaign to increase engagement

●  360,000 LinkedIn Learning videos watched and 16,000 hours of learning completed

●  87% of employees felt that LinkedIn Learning content met future learning needs

●  Significant cost savings achieved by reducing the number of training providers

About EDF

EDF is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and supplying millions of customers with electricity and gas. It’s leading the transition to a cleaner, low emission electric future, tackling climate change and helping Britain achieve net zero. 

EDF in the UK is part of EDF Group, the world’s biggest electricity generator. In the UK, the company employs around 13,000 employees. 

HEADQUARTERS: London, England 
INDUSTRY: Utilities
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In their own words:

Ingo Perizonius
Ingo Perizonius
People Development Director at EDF

“The deployment of LinkedIn Learning was delivered at a speed not seen before, the learning we are delivering is helping the business, influencing our decisions and determining how we approach projects.”

John Benn
John Benn
Station Director at EDF

“LinkedIn Learning has been a really valuable tool in our cultural improvement journey at Dungeness B power station. Specifically, it’s supported a genuine learning culture within our leaders and helped foster curiosity. We’ve seen several local “learning loops” being self- created by our leaders to support their learning journey which clearly demonstrates the value add this tool has brought to us.”

Lloyd Dean
Lloyd Dean
Head of Digital and Innovative Learning at EDF

“We went on a journey to get LinkedIn Learning set up, we went on a journey to get LinkedIn Learning implemented in a couple of weeks and we went on a journey to ensure the learning licenses were activated.”

Fiona Hodge
Fiona Hodge
Learning Curator at EDF

“That sense of togetherness and trust is so crucial to be a high performing team, but more than that, it’s made this my most fulfilling role at EDF in 16 years. Rolling out LinkedIn Learning to more than 13,000 employees in 12 days (and winning an award for that) made me beam with pride at what can be achieved with some focus, encouragement and teamwork.”

Emily Howell
Emily Howell
Learning Culture Manager at EDF

“We’ve been tracking what our employees have been organically looking at and sharing. This has enabled us to spot trends really quickly. And promote this content to a wider audience. Which has actually resulted in the highest peak of engagement levels so far.”

What the learners say:

Susanne Henderson
Susanne Henderson
Employee Engagement – Customers at EDF

“I’ve been really enjoying the LinkedIn Learning paths that the team have been promoting via email, Yammer and externally through LinkedIn. I’ve started to plug myself in to sessions while doing my daily exercise. ”

Lauren Straker
Lauren Straker
Senior Internal Communications Manager at EDF

“LinkedIn Learning is much easier to use than other platforms we’ve had for learning and development. There’s so much choice and variety of different courses. I also love that you can set a personal learning target. It really encourages me to log on, see what’s new and see what other colleagues are watching.”

Nick Harris
Nick Harris
Technical Training Developer at EDF

“I’ve been using LinkedIn Learning for the last two months, both watching online and downloading podcasts and listening as I go. I find it really easy to find the courses I need.”

Gemma Wilcocks
Gemma Willcocks
Senior Business Analyst – Customers at EDF

“I think if we're trying to drive self-development and personal ownership of development this is a key service for our staff. I've worked at EDF for a long time and for me this has been the most worthwhile training platform provided.”