Thrust 1: Pilot to prove value
“We started with a month-long pilot programme with 100 employees. Using data and insights from the pilot, we performed a cost-benefit analysis and the results proved that LinkedIn Learning was delivering value to our people in a cost-effective way for the business,” explained Ash.

This approach helped secure the budget to invest in more than 7,000 LinkedIn Learning licences for Energy Queensland’s entire workforce but, for the deployment to be successful, the team needed more than management approval; they needed buy-in.

Thrust 2: Pitch to learner needs
With an ambitious learning target of two hours per month for all employees locked in and senior executives encouraged to lead by example, Ash focused on ‘pitching’ LinkedIn Learning to internal users. He scheduled sessions with teams and departments, provided guidance on how to maximise the use of LinkedIn Learning and worked with managers to identify specific learning needs. These were then translated into curated learning paths in LinkedIn Learning to make it easier for teams to get started.

“The combination of defining different groups of learners, creating unique learning paths, and using the Recommend feature to push content to learners is really powerful,” said Ash. “We’ve tracked the numbers and seen that when the Recommend feature is used judiciously, the view count goes right up.”

This customised approach helps learners zoom in on learning content that is relevant to their role while enjoying on-demand access to LinkedIn Learning’s 16,000 courses and counting - a resource that Project Manager Beck Gower, an avid user, appreciates.

“On LinkedIn Learning, you can search for any topic and you’re guaranteed to find at least 10 useful resources to help you out of a tricky situation. It’s a fantastic addition to our already-large suite of support tools,” she said in her feedback.

Thrust 3: Promote to gain traction
To turn access and awareness into action and traction, Ash developed full communication and marketing plan. Using a mix of promotional material, seasonal campaigns, success stories and gamification, in addition to active feedback gathering and executive sponsorship, Energy Queensland achieved a 45% activation rate within 10 months - and feedback from its people is encouraging.

“LinkedIn Learning makes the learning process easier as the courses are broken up into short videos. This helps me focus my attention better. After each video, I also have the chance to process what I have just watched,” shared Jenny Down, a second-year graduate electrical engineer.    

Energy Queensland


  • To keep up with changing industry realities so as to ensure that the organisation continues delivering better outcomes for its customers and employees
  • To engage a diverse workforce, including a sizeable population of field workers who have unique learning needs and work routines


  • Provide access to LinkedIn Learning to all employees
  • Identify the learning needs of different employee groups and customise learning paths for them
  • Secure management buy-in and leverage marketing tactics to encourage learning as a habit


  • More than 45% of employees have used LinkedIn Learning, who have
  • Recorded 7,020 learning hours, and
  • Completed 4,679 courses

About Energy Queensland

Energy Queensland is 100% Queensland owned. Through its Ergon Energy and Energex network business, it distributes electricity to 2.25million customers in their homes, businesses and communities. Its retailer Ergon Energy Retail sells this electricity to customers throughout regional Queensland, while Yurika provides industry and utility services right across Australia

Industry: Utilities
Number of Employees: > 7,000
HQ location: Townsville, Queensland, Australia
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“We did a cost-benefit analysis of LinkedIn Learning and found it to be very cost-effective given the value it offers. With LinkedIn Learning, our people have the freedom and flexibility to learn whatever they want, whenever they want, while we can quickly track key learning metrics and measure effectiveness. It’s just remarkably easy to deploy.”

Ash Turner
Program Manager, People Strategy, Communications & Change
Energy Queensland

Ash Turner