Illustration of a person studying atop a stack of books

Providing professional development opportunities to your workforce seems like the ultimate win-win. Your employees get the chance to make progress toward their career goals on-the-job, and your organization gets to benefit from the skills they learn in the process.

Often, however, getting your workforce to take advantage of the professional development opportunities you offer is harder in practice than in theory.

It’s not necessarily that even your employees don’t want to learn, of course; it’s just that, when they’re juggling so many other high priorities, it’s easy to put professional development on the backburner.

If you want to avoid this scenario, you’ll have to promote professional development as a true and urgent strategic priority - and you’ll have to do it on your employee’s terms.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to do this: by designing your professional development program around the aspirations of your team, you’ll secure their enthusiastic engagement and ensure you’re building the skills your organization needs at the same time.

We want to help. Follow these five steps, to transform your professional development program into the kind of exciting opportunity even your most skeptical employees will make time for.