Online learning for your entire company

Develop talent with expert-led courses on thousands of topics

Upskill your entire workforce
Help employees sharpen their business skills and be more effective.

Develop managers and leaders
Grow your leadership pipeline of new managers, experienced managers and high potentials.

Offer career development opportunities
Engage and retain employees by investing in their development.

Scale training across your organization
Cost-effectively train employees located anywhere with on-demand training.

Online training and skills development for teams

Boost productivity with just-in-time training

Close job-related skills gaps
Help employees acquire the hard skills they need to be more productive in their roles.

Keep employees current on the latest productivity tools
Boost employee productivity with training on common, foundational software applications.

Just-in-time and start-to-finish training
Help employees get quick answers to immediate problems – with bite-size tutorials – or learn a new tool in depth with courses that teach a topic from beginning to end.

Online education for faculty, staff and students

Provide high-quality eLearning for higher education

Support faculty and staff
Provide engaging career development and help teachers discover inspiring content for the classroom.

Prepare students for the workforce
Promote career readiness with a vast range of technology and business skills courses.

Build skills for classroom tools 
Help teachers use a wide range of technologies including Moodle, Adobe Captivate, learning management systems (LMS) and more.

Keep staff current with classroom technologies
Keep your staff up to date with training on the latest IT topics including networking, big data and business intelligence.

Workforce development for government agencies

Maximize budgets with on-demand eLearning

Do more with less
Maximize training budgets with high-quality, cost-effective and self-paced learning.

Attract and retain employees
Offer employees in a wide range of roles engaging and inspiring career growth opportunities.  

Close skill gaps
Keep employees confident and productive with ever-changing technology.

eLearning resources for library staff and patrons

Provide skill-building job training courses

Empower patrons & staff
Offer the business and technical training people need to close skill gaps and succeed.

Benefit the public
Advance job search and digital literacy initiatives and support your community.

Offer expert-led eLearning
Provide patrons and staff with studio-quality videos from industry experts and working professionals.