• It’s what employees want from their L&D opportunities: 78% of learners expressed the need for course recommendations based on their career goals. 

  • Employees are eager to address their personal skill gaps: 78% of learners also expressed the need for course recommendations based on their skill gaps. 

  • It motivates learners on their own terms: Employees’ number one criteria for choosing professional development courses is “does it help me perform better in my current role?”


  • Learners spend much more time with customized content: Companies that recommend personalized professional development paths on LinkedIn Learning see 69% more hours of learning watched per employee. 

  • Employees want L&D built for them: Employees’ second-highest motivation factor for choosing L&D courses (after “does it help me perform better in my current role?”) was “is it personalized specifically for my interests and career goals?”

  • Employees crave personalized learning recommendations: Employees are 54% more likely to spend more time learning if they had specific course recommendations from their managers to help them reach their career goals.


  • Opportunities to grow create better company culture: Employees ranked “opportunities to learn and grow” as the number one factor in what determines a good company culture, and employees at organizations with highly rated cultures are:

    • 31% more likely to recommend working for their organization

    • 25% more likely to report being happy working for their organization

  • Employees with opportunities to grow feel better about where they work: Glint research shows that, compared to their peers, employees who experience good opportunities to learn and grow at their organization are:

    • 3.6x more likely to report being happy

    • 3.5x more likely to report they believe their company can help them reach their career goals

    • 2.9x more likely to report they expect they’ll still be with the company in two years

Additional Source: Glint

  • Employees are more interested in learning together: Employees who use LinkedIn Learning’s social features spend 30x more hours learning than those who don’t. 

  • Talking through lessons helps make them fun and memorable: 86% of L&D pros believe that learning is more engaging when people learn together. 91% believe employees who learn together are more successful.

  • Social learning boosts overall belonging and engagement: 92% of L&D professionals believe social learning helps create a sense of belonging at work. Employees who feel this sense of belonging are 5.2x more likely to be engaged in their work and learning.

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